Friday, October 21, 2011

1975 Topps Traded Project: Garry Maddox

One of the reasons I added DAHoF to the ever expanding Facebook universe is my increased interactions with the growing number of fun baseball focused online communities.

I've posted about them before, but one of these groups I frequent is The Topps Traded 1975 Project. The idea behind this grass roots community is to demonstrate to Topps the unique baseball card concept of "throwback traded sets". Essentially a collection of cards "that never were" because of timing or just plain oversight. There are some really great looking concepts out here including gems such as Mets/Dave Kingman and Indians/Dennis Eckersley.

I have already produced and submitted a couple of these featuring possible Dick Allen (White Sox + Phillies, and Braves) & Reggie Jackson.

Yesterday, while I was sitting in the Houston Airport waiting on a connection, I decided it was time I took a shot at a Garry Maddox version.

May 4, 1975: Garry Maddox is traded by the San Francisco Giants to the Philadelphia Phillies for Willie Montanez. The Phils knew they had Dick Allen coming out of "retirement" making Montanez expendable so they pulled off one of the greatest trades in Phillies history. Maddox developed into the best defensive center-fielder in baseball, winning eight consecutive gold gloves and hitting a respectable .284 during his 12 years in Philadelphia.


MattR said...

As a Giants fan, that trade still saddens me.

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