Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colorize This: 1975 Topps Traded

I received a lot of feedback on the 1976 Braves Card That Never Was I posted last week. Thank you for the feedback and ideas. Keep 'em coming.

This week, after I created the DAHOF Facebook page I connected with a friend that runs a page called The 1975 Topps Traded Project. He requested that I attempt a new DA Braves card using the 1975 template. I did not want to re-use the same image from last week (that would be something Topps would do) -- instead I searched and searched to find a suitable late career DA image. After a couple of aborted attempts, I decided it would be easier if I took a black and white image, colorized and doctored it. Here is the result:

Please don't get the wrong impression, these Braves cards are nothing more than novelty "what if" day dreams. The defiant and radical stance Dick Allen took at the time against playing in the deep south was a direct result of the racist horrors he experienced playing in Little Rock in 1963.

Personally I am very glad Dick Allen never played for the Atlanta Braves. If he had agreed to go to Atlanta in the spring of 1975, I would not be the Phillies Phan I am today.


Anonymous said...

Please don't get the wrong impression, but the way the Phillies and Philadelphia treated Allen in the 1960's is why I'm not a Phillies' fan today....

They traded Rolen, Franco, Jenkins, Sandberg, too....pretty inexcusable

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...


I understand. If I was old enough to have witnessed this terrible behavior by the Phils "fans" in the mid & late 1960's -- I might have felt the same. I didn't become aware of Dick Allen until he was a member of the White Sox. I am a Phils Phan because he became a Phillie in 1975.

Keep in mind, Dick Allen himself admits that the Phillies organization and fans changed significantly when they moved to the Vet in 1971 and Ruly Carpenter took control of the franchise in 1972. That change must have been pretty dramatic because he made the choice to return even after all he had been through in the 1960's at Connie Mack Stadium AND he works for and represents the Phillies today.

Not sure if you watched the Bob Costas MLB Network interview with Dick Allen a couple of years ago, but DA made it very clear that he is very proud of and feels nothing but love for the Phillies franchise today. I will try to post the interview in the future because I can't find it anywhere else on the web.

Regarding the "trades" you mentioned. Yes, there have been some painful trades. I don't consider the Rolen trade a bad move by the Phils, because SR forced their hand and undercut the value other teams were willing to give up.

The Phillies are not alone in this "inexcusable" trade business. Every team has this list. Give me the name of your team and I guarantee I can find "bad trades" in their history.

Anonymous said...

"Give me the name of your team and I guarantee I can find "bad trades" in their history."

I am old enough to enjoy then game of ML baseball without an affection reminiscent of sentimental womanhood. As a child, "my" team was the Phillies of the 1960's. However, just like the Exxon Valdeez incident keeps me from "their" gasoline pumps, I have learned to refrain from all undue admiration for this organiztion. Just tell me what is wrong with being objective about player performance? Am I supposed to unabashedly cheer them on like Tommy McCarthy? You may choose to do so, but at least McCarthy has the excuse of being on their payroll

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...


You come on my blog say my personal feelings are "reminiscent of sentimental womenhood"... Seriously? It took a lot for me not to just delete your comment. Instead, I will attempt to reply.

You don't know anything about me. And to be honest, you are doing nothing but casting yourself as a bitter old man. I really could care less about who you cheer or or don't cheer for. In fact, I am glad you "refrain from undue admiration" of the Phils. This is serious business. The game isn't supposed to be fun for people like you.

Also, nothing in your previous statements dealt with "unbiased player performance" -- I find it funny you randomly throw that out as if cheering for a team is for weak minded fools not capable of your superior approach.

If you want to have a logical discussion, you are going to need to create an identity for yourself. Hiding behind "Anonymous" might be easier for you, but I won't engage any further. Also, it may be time for you to ask the nurse for your nightly meds.

krantzbucks said...

Super-nice job on this transformation. That Braves sleeve looks perfect.

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