Thursday, June 9, 2011

1975 Reggie Jackson Topps Redux

One of the best things about this site is the people I get to hear from. I get all kinds of emails from all over the country and appreciate the great feedback (good or bad) that I get. A couple of days ago I got a nice email from a reader named Dave. He stumbled onto this site after visiting Dan Epstein and Big Hair/Plastic Grass. Ignoring the fact that he openly admited he is a "Mets fan", we got into a short email conversation about our common interests. In the course of that conversation, he spawned an idea for me.

From Dave:
...this 1975 set has become sort of my "rosebud," if that makes any sense. I think your Dick Allen '75 "update card" of him on the Phils is great.
I was always annoyed that TOPPS messed up the REGGIE JACKSON card. He started the All-Star game just like Burroughs and Murcer. His card needs a Red/Yellow border with the AL ALL-Star OF just like Jeff Burroughs. Think you could make one of those?
Would love to see what that looks like.
I have to be honest with you, up until this point I had never noticed every 1975 Topps "all star" card had the same red/yellow border color scheme. I had always just assumed that Topps used random color combinations for those guys just as they had for the entire set. I was shocked to learn that they actually had a uniform color scheme for those players with the "all-star star". I guess it is true, you really do learn something new everyday.

I couldn't choose between the many cool images available, so instead of doing just one Reggie Jackson 1975 AL All-Star card, in true DAHOF fashion, I over-did it and made three. Which one is your favorite?


Reivax said...

I like all 3, but middle one (where he's beardless) edges out the other 2. Nice work!

MilwaukeeMauler said...

As an A's fan these cards are great. I too like the middle one but that 3rd one is a classic "swing and a miss" cut he was famous for. Great job.

Jeffrey said...

I also love the 1975 Topps set. I am a big Bobby Murcer fan. I was so upset that he was traded to the Giants for Bobby Bonds. When I opened my fresh packs of cards from the drug store back in the day. How disappointed I was with the painted Giants logo on Murcer's hat with Yankee Stadium in the background. I would love to see a "new" custom '75 card of Bobby with the Yanks.

Steve Radell said...

I'm an A's fan that started collecting in 1975. I like them all, but the 3rd was a swing he could make. Pictures on sports cards for years were quite horrible, dumb poses in spring training with empty stadiums and trees in the background (1972 football.) It was good to see what they looked like, but in action was good too, just too infrequent. The paint-overs were too comical, bad process choice.

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