Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parade of Ridiculousness: Ty Cobb sporting the mustard & brown

Last week I stumbled into this fun concept with Babe Ruth in a 1976 Astros uniform.

As promised, I present you with card #2 of this Parade of Ridiculousness set: Ty Cobb in the mono-mustard look of the 1972-73 San Diego Padres.

I am currently in the planning and feasibility stages with the suggestions of Chuck Klein in the 1979 Phillies mono-maroon Saturday Night Specials & Bob Feller in the 1975-77 all red Cleveland Indians "blood clot" threads. Once I get rolling one on of these, it is hard to stop.

Any other suggestions ? Keep them coming.


Unknown said...

OMG -- that's just NUTS! But fun.
How many of these did you end up doing??

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