Friday, September 23, 2011

Parade of Ridiculousness: Babe Ruth in tequila sunrise stripes

The Phils have lost six in a row and appear to be limping into the playoffs. Time to move my mind in another direction.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet from the Mitchell & Ness blog linking to some interesting photos of a long forgotten Astros warm-up sweater. Seeing an old school gun-slinger like Nolan Ryan wearing the wacky combination of the old-school knit style sweater and the ultra modern Astros rainbow stripes was a shock to my system.

I shared these rainbow striped sweater images with a friend of mine, who happens to actually work for the Astros, and the banter was off and running. At some point I started joking about the concept of Babe Ruth sporting these uniforms. The conversation went something like this:
Him: "...The Babe would've looked good in the Astro rainbows....although his homerun output would have been hurt by the Astrodome outfield dimensions!
Me: "Playing in the 'dome, he might have gone back to being a full time pitcher."
Him: "Very true! A rotation of Ruth, Ryan and Richard would have been awesome..."
Of course, I had to sit down and photo-chop a Houston Astros fantasy Babe Ruth card for him.

This looks so ridiculous and I had so much fun making it, I think I have stumbled upon a new recurring feature. For my next act... Ty Cobb in the mustard yellows of the 1972-73 San Diego Padres. Anyone else have ideas?


Johngy said...

Totally ridiculous, but great!
Not sure which player, but the Cleveland all red combo of the mid-70's and the White Sox softball uniforms of the late 70's should be represented!

Jim said...

Nice touch adding the "3" to the pants! How about Chuck Klein in a '79 Saturday Night Special?

Reivax said...

How about Gehrig in those silly '76 White Sox short pants :P

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