Monday, June 4, 2012

On this day... Ten cent beer night

On this day in 1974. The Cleveland Indians host the Texas Rangers and the fans enjoy ten-cent beer night.

Under a full moon and responding to the Rangers holding a beer night with the Indians in Texas the week earlier, an estimated 60,000 cups of brew is sold to a crowd of 25,134. The drunks interrupted the game repeatedly by streaking on the field.

Things became more serious when fans started throwing firecrackers and cherry bombs into the Rangers bullpen. Texas manager Billy Martin recalls his pitchers into the dugout for their safety.

In the bottom of the ninth, home plate umpire Nestor Chylak stops play with the score tied at five.

Some drunk kids jumped onto the field to shake the hand of Rangers right fielder Jeff Burroughs. One of the kids steals his cap and takes off running. Burroughs chases after the kid, slips and fall down. In the chaos, the players in the Rangers dugout thought Burroughs had been knocked down. Seeking to protect their best player, Billy Martin leads the charge onto the field, with many of the Rangers carrying bats for protection. The Indians are forced to forfeit the game due to the unruly behavior of their fans.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Then and now, 10 cent beer is a riot waiting to happen.

Vonnoosh said...

I guess .10 Beer Night in Texas the week earlier was a success? Texans know how to drink and handle their liquor.

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