Friday, June 1, 2012

On this day...Five games in a row

June 1st, 1969. Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium.

Dick Allen first baseman sets a new Phillies team record when he takes a Don Sutton pitch deep in the bottom of the third inning. It was fifth consecutive game #15 homered. The fifth place Phillies lose to the Dodgers 12-4.


Fcobra said...

My favorite player of all time. Growing up in the 60s near Philly I idolized DA, hated the racist Philly fans. My greatest memories of baseball are seeing DA crush one in old Connie Mack that cleared the Coke sign on the LF roof and was still rising as it left the park. The second one was that I was at the Vet when DA returned to the Phils and singled his first AB. The place went crazy, it was like they all forgot how much they hated him when he was there before. Anyway, your blog is exactly correct; and I also believe Pete Rose deserves the HOF, too. It's a crime that the all time hits leader is not in HOF. After all the steroid crap, is it so bad he bet on his own team AFTER HE RETIRED!!!

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