Monday, November 28, 2011

Uniform Templates? Ready to download

I've recently had a couple of requests to share the photoshop uniform templates I've created for this site. I've directly shared individual files with readers in the past, but I have decided to sign up for a file sharing service and organize things well enough to gather into one post. Each one of these templates heavily utilizes layers and color overlays. Your successful results will require a basic working knowledge of photoshop. Enjoy. I'd love to see any designs you come up with.

DAHOF Hat template
I created this template last year from a 1962 Chicago Cubs program. Very simple to use. When several of these are combined, the results are pretty cool.

You can download it here.
DAHOF running template
This was the first "action" uniform template I have attempted. It is based on an actual picture I took of UCLA catcher Steve Rodriguez at the College World Series. The development and revision process for this template is documented here and continued here.

You can download the template here.
DAHOF defensive template
I quietly started working on this one a couple of months ago after gaining some more confidence from the running player experience. This template is based on a picture I shot this summer of Royals prospect Mike Moustakas.

You can download the template here.
DAHOF batter template
After completing the defensive template, I had visions of a three player concept design. I looked through hundreds of batter pictures before I selected an image of Josh Hamilton. I still have some work to do on this one, but it is usable in this current form.

You can download this template here.
DAHOF turn two
I've showed off this template a couple of times here and here. It too is based on some art shown on a 1979 Chicago Cubs scorecard. The design style is much more simplistic than the action templates above.

This template can be downloaded here.
DAHOF standing template
I banged this out last night after getting inspired by a non-action/more traditional model I found. Again, this one still has some work to be done like piping and pinstripe options.

Download this template here.


Matthew Donnelly said...

Only had a chance to work with the Turn Two one so far, but it looks good.
There looks to be a problem downloading the Hat one, though.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...


I just checked on the "hat" template and everything looks to be OK. I even downloaded it from another computer and opened it with a different version of photoshop.

What is the error you are getting?

Matthew Donnelly said...

Works now....thanks

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