Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New uniform template

Things have been a little slow for me around here since the Phillies became the second victim (the Braves were the first) in the Cardinals improbable run to the World Series championship. I've never cared much for the Cardinals or their fans. When it became clear to me they were an unstoppable downhill run-away train, I stopped watching. Bitter? Sure, you can call it that.

Now we have entered the "off season" I hope to become a little more creative around here, launch and continue some of my fun projects.

Speaking of projects.... Last week I started working on several new uniform templates. I have found, the more time I spent working with photoshop, the better I become at creating quality templates. This one is a little different from my previous models. By design is a little more simple. Rather than struggle with creating a "life like" look - I took a more abstract approach. The design and concept was inspired and lifted directly from a 1979 Chicago Cubs scorecard cover. I am no creative artist, but I can copy with the best of them. You can see I modified the location or the throwing arm and glove to give better view of the front of the uniform.

I read this morning on The Fleer Sticker Project the news that the Baltimore Orioles have decided to bring back the Smiling Cartoon Bird on their hats next season. I think that is wonderful. In honor of this news, I decided to show off my new template featuring the all-orange uniforms the Orioles wore on occasion during the 1971 season.

Let me know if you want a copy of the template PSD file. I am more than happy to share.


Fleerfan said...

Thanks for linking to my post on the return of the Smiling Cartoon Bird, and for the awesome work you did on the 1971 Orange uniform with your template to celebrate the news. It looks fantastic - too bad Halloween was a few days ago as this would have been perfect for the occasion!

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