Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I launched Dick Allen Hall of Fame here in February 2009, moving the project from a static HTML structure to a more interactive and easier to maintain blogging platform. 1,618 days and 851 posts later this place has provided me with an outlet to share my unending passion for baseball and a chance to meet a whole bunch of new friends. It has been a lot of fun and I would do it all over again.

Today, I am pleased (and saddened) to announce that this will be the last post for my Dick Allen Hall of Fame. I am not just walking away... I have been asked to help develop, launch and operate Dick Allen's new official website: 

The plan is for DA15 to be different from most every other famous athlete's website. Dick has a vision of a diverse community where friends and fans can come together to share stories and opinions on a wide range of topics. Obviously launching a compelling website doesn't happen overnight, but working with my childhood baseball hero is an opportunity of a lifetime and something I could not pass up.

I am neck-deep in the middle of the development & launch phase of DA15. Depending on how much time I have after we get rolling, I hope to continue to share my personal photography and other graphic creations at I will also be transitioning the DAHoF social media accounts to support the DA15 project or transfer them for my own personal use. I will leave the DAHoF archive and email on for the time being. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Thank you all for the generous support over the years.
I invite you to come on over and say hi to me


Jim said...

Good luck and I'm looking forward to your next journey!

Flynn said...

Thanks for all you've done here. I'm excited to see grow. Best of luck.

- @mighty_flynn

jacobmrley said...

Wow. That is a pretty impressive feat, turning a personal passion into something with an actual connection to that passion. Godspeed with the new site.

Alxe Lu said...


NZ Girls said...

Good luck with the new website , what is it's URL ?

NZ Girls

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