Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome Dick Allen fans

Welcome to the new home of the Dick Allen Hall of Fame. Several years ago I decided to create a web page honoring my favorite ballplayer of all time. I have collected a ton of images and information and wanted to share. Since launching that page I have gotten almost 13,000 visitors and many positive comments. Unfortunately, as time went on that site became hard to manage and incorporate new stuff. As a result, it has become pretty static.

To solve this issue -- I have decided to move the DAHoF to a more interactive medium. This move will allow DA fans everywhere to easily connect, talk baseball, and share memories. It will allow me to easily share Dick Allen stuff that I find. Please feel free to send me any unique digital items you have. I am happy to share them with the crowd.

I will attempt to get everything I had available on the old DAHof pages over here. This will take some time, but it will be a fun journey. I have decided to start with my favorite Dick Allen baseball card. This 1974 White Sox classic was the first year I really started collecting cards and is still my favorite 35 years later.


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