Monday, March 21, 2011

Familiar Faces / Strange Places: Larry Bowa / Mets

As a baseball fan, when you think of Larry Bowa, you more than likely think of the Philadelphia Phillies. He was the starting shortstop and one of the emotional team leaders of the 1980 World Champs. If the Phillies are not the team that pops in your mind, than maybe the Cubs. But certainly not the Mets.

Larry Bowa's Dad was a minor-league infielder and manager in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system. While high school, Bowa tried out but never made the baseball team. Not discouraged, he went to Sacramento City College and made the team, and expected to go in the MLB Draft, but didn't. The Philadelphia Phillies were the only Major League team interested in Bowa. They sent a local scout, to watch him play in a doubleheader, except he didn't -- because he was thrown out of the game for arguing. Instead, he played well enough on a winter league team to be signed by the Phillies for a $2,000 bonus.

He played 12 seasons with the Phils, making 5 all star games. He spent 4 seasons in Chicago, after being dealt as part of the infamous Ryne Sandberg trade. After being released by the Cubs in August 1985, Bowa played 14 games with the New York Mets before retiring.


Jim said...

Great card! Until now, I had never even seen a picture of Bowa in a Mets uniform.

DAHOF said...

Thanks Jim.

It took me a while to find one that was workable. I still think it is too blurry, but beggars can't be choosers.

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