Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank You Jim Thome

For the second time in his long and storied career, Jim Thome is a former Philadelphia Phillie. I understand the logic and reasons he was moved, but I was still pretty bummed yesterday when I got the news of his trade to Baltimore. In a season of dismal moment after dismal moment, Thome's pinch hit walk off home run last Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays stands alone as a bright light.

Looking back now, the decision to add Thome to the 2012 Phillies roster may not have been a very wise one by GM Ruben Amaro Jr. As much as we all love him, he was physically incapable of playing first base and the string of DH eligible inter-league games wasn't enough to take up a roster spot for a contending team.

Hopefully the Baltimore Orioles can benefit from the addition of a first ballot Hall of Famer. I will definitely be pulling for the Orioles to make the playoffs.

Thanks for the memories Jim! You are the greatest!


Cory said...

It was puzzling to me when I saw the Phils had grabbed him.

Do you think Amaro, Jr. signed him just to use him for trading? Seems odd to use the roster spot, like you said, just for that.

At least he has a great opportunity to add to his stats and maybe push the Birds into the playoffs now.

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