Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baseball card time machine #2

<---- I don't think I will get anyone to disagree that the Dick Allen 1970 Topps card is just plain horrible. It features DA in a side profile "mug shot" photo in what is clearly a Phillies uniform. Given how short his hair is and the fact he has a regular hat on, the picture had to have been taken during the 1964 or 65 season. By 1969 Allen had a batting helmet with decent afro, long sideburns, and a strong mustache.

At the time, Topps really had no choice because there was not any photos of him in a St Louis uniform. They needed to produced a set of baseball cards with what they had. To make things worse, Topps actually used the same picture again in 1972 with his first White Sox card (I will address that with another project later).

My task for this baseball card time machine project is to fix the 1970 Cardinals card into something Dick Allen fans will be proud of. His one year in St. Louis he was called "Rich", so I will maintain that name on the card as produced by Topps. To this day, there is not that many great color images of him available in a Cardinals uniform (I have some cool black and white images I have bought) -- however it only takes one shot, and I found one that I think works.

As always, if you have any images or ideas that you want to share, please feel free to comment below or send me an email.


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