Sunday, June 23, 2013

CWS Rainbow Collection

It has been a while since I have posted anything... 1) because the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies are a depressing team to watch and 2) I have been very busy at the College World Series in Omaha. If you follow DAHoF on Twitter or Facebook you have already seen some of the pictures I have been shooting.

Last night, after a couple of beers with friends somehow we started a discussion on the bold new fashion trends being made in college baseball. One of the remaining teams, Mississippi State  actually has rainbow style uniforms, although I am told they will not wear them in a CWS game. As a long time fan of the Houston Astros 'tequila sunrise' uniforms I agreed to create a rainbow uniform for each of the eight teams that made it to Omaha this year.

I give you my 2013 CWS Rainbow collection:


Jennine Stalder said...

Rainbow colored-uniform? This is interesting. Uniforms are very important, not only for the team, but for fans as well. So it’s really wise to make it fashionable and remarkable at the same time. These designs definitely have both. I’m sure it'll become the highlight of the game this year. Well, aside from the game itself, of course.

Jennine Stalder @

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