Sunday, June 2, 2013

2004 Mike Schmidt Redux

In 2004, Mike Schmidt became the first baseball Hall of Famer to agree to manage a minor league team: the Clearwater Threshers are the Phillies' Single A Florida State League affiliate. Outside of the 4 games Cole Hamels pitched for the Threshers, Schmidt was handed a team with virtually no prospects and finished with a 55-81 record. He resigned at the end of the season.


Jim said...

I appreciate all your Redux cards, but this one might be one of my favorites. There was a very brief time when I thought that Schmidt might actually be the next manager of the Phillies, so his appointment to manage the Threshers was very exciting to me.

And I'm still impressed by how you managed to recreate this set's template, as I'd have to idea where to start!

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

Thanks Jim!

There is a reason I have only ever done one other 2004 Topps card.

The template for 2004 is pretty simple... the hard part is making the individual silhouette for each different image. There is really no decent automated tool to do this correctly. The graphics team at Topps must have worked a lot of overtime hours to get an entire set out with this design.

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