Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Cards - 2012 edition

Most of the time, the cards I display on this site are "custom" digital versions of something I have created. Recently I got an updated list of actual in production baseball cards utilizing pictures I have taken.

Here are the latest additions to "my collection" along with my original image.


john hogan said...

Livin' the dream. Congrats.

Beny Levy said...

Serious congratulations!

I can only imagine how awesome it would feel to see your stuff in there.

Interesting that for the most part they photoshopped the logos out of everything except for the Marlins one they photoshopped in.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...


The top card is produced by Bowman they are a licensed card maker. Donruss/Panini is not licensed by MLB, so they can't use logos or team names on their cards.

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