Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 - Game 1

Welcome to the 2013 baseball season! I absolutely love this time of year. Everything is new and anything is possible. The frustration and disappointment from last season has faded and my Phillies are ready to compete again for the pennant.

This morning I decided to kick off a season long crusade chronicling the game by game progress of the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies. This project is a bit more ambitious than my 2011 Photo of the Game adventure, but now the card template is done it is just a matter of staying on top of the schedule. If anything, this will certainly get me back into a more regular posting routine. Stay tuned all season long for daily updates.


Jim said...

Excellent! Definitely looking forward to this series. Play ball!

Jason T. Carter said...

I did this during the 2011 season for the Reds. It is tough to keep it up, and I fell behind on several occasions. I'm looking forward to seeing yours though. I like the template...nice and clean.

JT, The Writer's Journey

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

@Jason. Thanks. I did a 2011 Photo of the Game project. That one was easier because I could get away with just posting an image. Even that was a challenge at times, but it did keep me focused on the entire season.

I am realistic. I recognize that I will fall behind at times, but the plan is to be efficient and consistent.

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