Thursday, November 29, 2012

Official Dick Allen site

Congrats to Dick Allen and his team for finally getting off the ground. If you have not already visited, check it out. I have been told there will be many additions and improvements as time goes on.

I am both humbled and proud to have several of the custom cards and images I created here on display by my baseball hero.

Thanks to all of you for asking about what is going on with me and the DAHoF site. Over the last few months, I have been deeply involved with launching a new technology start-up. I have really enjoyed focusing my energy towards something very exciting and life changing. I am sure by the time baseball season rolls around this spring, I will be bursting with new ideas and start posting again.


deal said...

very cool - glad to see your cards reach a wider audience.

Vonnoosh said...

Maybe you two can work together to get some of your cards printed. He could sign and sell them on his site. I'd buy a half dozen of them in a heartbeat!

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