Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello George Myatt

Yesterday I posted about Bob Skinner quitting the Phillies in 1969. He was replaced in the Phillies dugout by veteran coach George Myatt. According to Myatt's wikipedia page:
Myatt came by three nicknames: Foghorn, for his loud voice; Mercury, for his speed on the bases; and Stud, a name he applied to almost every other player, coach and manager he encountered in baseball.
He also has a supporting role in what has become one of my favorite Dick Allen images ever. This picture shows Myatt on his first day as the Phils interim manager, holding on tight to an obviously disgruntled Dick Allen.

I am not 100% sure, but I think that is Larry Hisle in the background between Allen & Myatt. Hisle was the Phils everyday centerfielder in 1969. He went on to the Twins and Brewers later in his career, appearing in two AL All Star teams and leading the AL with 119 RBIs in 1977.


JFK19142 said...

Yes, that is definitely Larry Hisle. How about Hisle was an American Legion teammate of Gene Tenace and Al Oliver !

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