Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Burgundy: Jimmy, Ryan, Chase & Cole

Last week's 1979 Mike Schmidt redux post rekindled my curiosity/obsession with the infamous all burgundy Saturday Night Special uniforms the Phillies wore on May 19th, 1979. Much to my continuous dismay, there weren't many photos taken that night. In fact, in the 33 years later, I have only ever seen four actual pictures from that game.
As I was colorizing the far left Mike Schmidt picture, I started thinking about the current Phillies. The team has participated in both home and away "throwback" uniform games several times in the last couple of years. What would it look like if the current Phillies got to throwback to the magic of the 1979 all-burgundy threads?


Jim said...

Fantastic job! I have a feeling it's only a matter of time before we see these uniforms again.

maine mariner said...

I have to agree with Jim. Great job. Now the big question.

Do we want to see them again?

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

I would love to see them... for one game a year.

John Schaffer said...

Those uniforms were fantastic!. I was 15 in 1979, and I love the uniform styles of the 70's. Unmatched before or since. I was excited when the Phillies announced that they were going to wear those every Saturday, and pissed when they abandoned them after one game. They should wear that uniform twice a year, that's all I ask.

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