Friday, August 3, 2012

1951 Topps Dick Allen Red Backs

I've reached the end of the line for the Dick Allen Topps Legacy card Project. I've uploaded each card from start to finish on a special TUMBLR page -- you can view the entire project here.

From the Topps Wikipedia page:
In 1951, Topps produced its first baseball cards in two different sets known today as Red Backs and Blue Backs. Each set contained 52 cards, like a deck of playing cards, and in fact the cards could be used to play a game that would simulate the events of a baseball game. Also like playing cards, the cards had rounded corners and were blank on one side, which was colored either red or blue (hence the names given to these sets). The other side featured the portrait of a player within a baseball diamond in the center, and in opposite corners a picture of a baseball together with the event for that card, such as "fly out" or "single".
Instead of just choosing one team to finish my project, here is a different 1951 Topps Red Back for each of the six teams he played on during his career.


edward broder said...

I am having trouble putting a photo in to your 51 topps template. Is there a some advice. The yellow blocks the gray and I get no screen with thte dots for a photo. The gray dots screen...

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