Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Devil came up to Seattle

The devil came up to Seattle, he was looking for a soul to steal.
He had plenty of bread and the Yankees were well ahead
And he was willin' to make a deal.

When he came across this old man swingin' his bat and enjoyin' it not.
And the Devil jumped upon the dugout roof and said: 
"Dude let me tell you what:
"I guess you didn't know it, but I have a baseball team too.
"And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
"Now you play a pretty good outfield, boy, but give the Yankees their due:
"I bet a ring of gold against your soul, 'cos I think we are better than you."

The man said: "My name's Ichiro and it might be a sin,
"But I'll take your bet, your gonna regret, 'cause I'm the best there's ever been."

Ichiro you loosen up your arm and play your outfield hard.
'Cos hells broke loose in Seattle and the Devil deals the cards.
And if you win you get this shiny ring made of gold.
But if you lose, the Yankees get your soul.

The Devil opened up his bag and he said: "I'll start this show."
And fire flew from his fingertips as CC tossed his throw.
And ARod swung his bat across the plate and it made an evil hiss.
Then a band of pinstriped demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

When the Devil finished, Ichiro said: "Well you're pretty good ol' George.
"But sit down in that chair, right there, and let me show you how its done."

Fire up on the mountain, run Mariners, run.
The Devil wants the star of the risin' sun.
Ichiro in the batters box, slapping' out hits.
"Girardi, does your boss bite? No, child, no."

The Devil smiled a toothy grin because he knew he had a deal.
He laid that golden ring on the ground at Ichiro's feet.
Ichiro said: "Just happy to be a Yankee, they win a lot of games...
'cause I told you once, you son of a gun, I'm the best there's ever been."


jacobmrley said...

The midi file was a stroke of genius.

Vonnoosh said...

I think Seattle won in this deal. Ichiro is definitely at the tail end of his career and the Yankees look more like they did in '08 when they traded for Irod because Posada was out for the year. Now that Gardner is gone for the Yankees this year, they needed an old vet to fill in. The M's are building for the future, Ichiro is their past.

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