Monday, July 16, 2012

Parade of Ridiculousness: Reggie as a Mariner

The concept behind the Parade of Ridiculousness is based on showing famous players in outlandish or ridiculous uniforms. In the past I have shown Babe Ruth in Astros tequila sunrise stripes and Lou Gehrig in Bill Veeck's softball shorts. I'm always looking for new ideas.

My love for the original Seattle Mariners Trident logo is well documented and Reggie continues to be one of my favorites. Combining these two is not something I would have ever considered. The interesting and best thing about this Reggie Jackson/Seattle Mariner post is it actually happened.

In never knew about this. Last week, because there was no real baseball on the TV... I occupied myself by watching the marathon of All Star Game Highlight films on MLB Network.

The '79 Midsummer Classic was held in Seattle, a strange choice considering the Mariners were only in their 3rd year of existence. Appearing in his 9th of what would be 14 career All Star Games, somehow Reggie Jackson arrived at the Kingdome without his Yankee pinstripe uniform. Not sure if his luggage was lost or he was just looking for a reason to piss off George Steinbrenner. This was before the general availability of authentic uniform jerseys from retail shops inside each stadium and their surrounding neighborhoods. Reggie was stuck.

Instead of missing the American League All Star team picture, someone convinced Reggie to just put on a Mariners home uniform and take his place in the shot (2nd row, 2nd in from the left). If this happened today... it would take about 5 minutes for someone to fix it with photoshop. Fortunately for us, no one did that.

Still don't believe me? I made a video.


  1. Wow, this is a great story, it would never happen today.

  2. I remember that team photo and never knew why. Thanks DAHoF>