Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parade of Ridiculousness: CANDY-CORN Cal

"Someone said it looked like Halloween candy corn...
Take a picture. You won't see them again."
~ Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter 
August 13th, 2010 after his team donned the "all orange" in Tampa

The 1970s were a strange and wonderful time.

The original Oriole all-orange alternate uniforms debuted on September 16th 1971, the night Frank Robinson hit his 501st home run and Brooks Robinson hit a grand slam. This was appropriate because the fancy new threads were actually sold to the club from the Brooks Robinson Sporting Goods Company.

The unis were only used in three games, twice in 1971 and once more in 1972. Our friends at the Fleer Sticker Project have already collected and documented with a comprehensive set of images so I don't have to.

I started thinking: How fair is this? If Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Bobby Grich, Pat Dobson, Earl Weaver and rest of the Oriole dynasty all had to wear those mono-orange uniforms... it only seems fair that Cal Ripken Jr. should have to wear them too.

After numerous requests and the overwhelming guilt I feel when promises I make remain undelivered, I will start posting some of the card templates I have created. Here is a link to the re-tooled 1971 Topps card I used for this post.

Disclaimer: Going forward, I will share template files when it makes sense. They will be posted as PSD files. A basic understanding of photoshop and layers is required. I will make the layers as simple as I can, but I am not going to be able to help provide tech support. In some cases, you will also need to download a new font to achieve the correct look. In this case, the font used at the top of the card is called MAXIMUS -- it is not a standard font preloaded on most computers. I downloaded it from a very useful website called: DAFONT.COM


Fleerfan said...

What a fantastic card! The all orange uniform really stands out against the 1971 black borders. Its great to see how Cal would have looked had the O's had an all orange retro night during his career.

I appreciate the links to my posts on the Brooks Robinson Sporting Goods company and my collection of all orange pics.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

Thank YOU for doing all the leg work...

John Schaffer said...

Those uniforms are beautiful. Buck Showalter is an a##hole and that's why he's never won anything as a manager.

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