Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greatest Non-Hall of Famers

In the process of cleaning up some things from the DVR and discovered a previously recorded show from MLB Network: Top 40 Countdown of the "Greatest Non-Hall of Famers". Interesting list, neither Bagwell or Belle were caught or admitted they used PEDs but both are suspected given the era they played in, their associations, unnatural body changes, and of course... eye-popping numbers. That being said; three players on this list are confirmed PED users. I am not sure I would hold my breath for McGwire, Palmeiro, or Juan Gonzalez. The writers and current Hall of Famers are not going to be very forgiving.

Dick Allen checks in at #9. Here is DA's segment:

The entire Top 40 list looks like this:
1. Tim Raines
2. Jack Morris
3. Mark McGwire
4. Minnie Minoso
5. Jeff Bagwell
6. Lee Smith
7. Alan Trammell
8. Ted Simmons
9. Dick Allen
10. Jim Kaat
11. Luis Tiant
12. Dale Murphy
13. Ken Boyer
14. Joe Torre
15. Dwight Evans
16. Rafael Palmeiro
17. Steve Garvey
18. Gil Hodges
19. Don Mattingly
20. Keith Hernandez
21. Edgar Martinez
22. Tommy John
23. Lou Whitaker
24. Larry Walker
25. Will Clark
26. Tony Oliva
27. Dave Parker
28. Ron Guidry
29. Maury Wills
30. Buck O'Neil
31. Albert Belle
32. Dave Concepcion
33. Juan Gonzalez
34. Jimmy Wynn
35. Bill Freehan
36. Bobby Grich
37. Harold Baines
38. Fred McGriff
39. Mark Grace
40. Roger Maris


Uncle John's Band said...

Again our tastes are eerily similar. I posted an argument for Tim Raines' entrance into the Hall just before checking out my favorite blogs. As usual, yours was first and there he is on the top of the list of greatest non-HOFers. Weird.

jacobmrley said...

Vada Pinson hates this list.

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

@UJB I hate to break this to you... But this is not my list. This list is from MLB Network. I guess I will need to sit down and put together my list now.

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