Friday, June 22, 2012

Hall Of Very Good

One of the best things about maintaining this "site" for as long as I have is the number of fun, talented, and smart people I get to interact with. Last year I struck up a conversation with Shawn @ HALL OF VERY GOOD. Our immediate connection, based on simple like-minded fun, hasn't quit.

If you have not added HALLOFVERYGOOD.COM to your daily web reading rotation or added their twitter account or follow them on facebook... I would highly recommend you do so. I did all three months ago and I am a better baseball fan because of it.

This week, to celebrate their birthday, Shawn kicked off a month long series of guest posts he has dubbed: HOVG Heroes. For me, the highlights for this first week have been Dan Epstein's bad-ass piece on Dave Parker, Peter Chen iconic tribute to Steve Garvey, and today's heart touching piece by Josh Caray on his Dad, Skip.

I am fairly sure there is going to be some more good stuff coming up. Check it out.


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