Thursday, June 14, 2012

DAHOF Redesigns the Astros

For those of you that have been around here for a while, it should come as no surprise when I admit I am a loyal reader and fan of Paul Lukas and an absolute addict to his fantastic UNI-WATCH blog. Paul has the best job in the world, holding the title as Sports' only full-time uniform reporter. Recently, they have been hosting "Redesign" contests. I have enjoyed with giddy amazement the reader submissions on the Cleveland Indians, New Orleans Hornets and the Washington Redskins.

Last week, I decided to take get off the bench and take my shot at the "Redesign the Astros" contest. After I got started, the process took a lot longer than I expected. At one point, I had a stewardess on a United flight say to me "You have been working on that all day long... is this your business?" -- I just smiled and said "yes" -- not willing to admit that I have been working obsessively for hours on what essentially is an ungraded third grade art project.

The finalist selections were posted on this morning. There were nearly 100 submissions. Uni-Watch selected 5 favorites. While I am disappointed I didn't make the cut... I am pleased to get a nice honorable mention and I had a lot of fun with it.

Here is what I went with:

If you are interested in the entire package and notes I submitted, you can grab the PDF file here.


Anthony Hughes said...

Not just saying it to be nice, but yours is much better than at least 2 of the final 5.
Very nice design. The current Astros uniform is probably the worst one they've had. I sent your url to some of my fellow Houstonian, baseball-loving friends, 2 of them liked yours the best! One of them thinks we need to put the pistol back on the uniform, the other guy said they could play in maids uniforms for all he cares, just put winners on the field!

Dick Allen Hall of Fame said...

Thanks Anthony. I am biased to my design also.

I understand the choice they made for the other guy with a NASA theme, but personally I thought his was too busy and confusing.

MilwaukeeMauler said...

I really like your design. I always liked the over the top design of the 70's even though it was thought of as one of the worst. In MLB there are too many of the same color schemes. Astros, Pirates, and my fav A's always seemed to make me a fan. I like the retro look to the space age and think that the Astros should honor their "namesake" heritage with a uniform of this design.

krantzbucks said...

This would be great when they move to the American League.

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