Thursday, May 10, 2012

Familiar Faces / Strange Places: George Foster / White Sox

It's been a while since I have done a FF/SP post. Now that I have a strong collection of templates to work from, I am going to change up the format for these going forward.

Because I was a sophomore in college, I am going to blame the fact that I have no actual recollection of George Foster's 15 nondescript games with the 1986 Chicago White Sox on the volume of beer I was drinking at the time. Maybe subconsciously I was medicating myself for the painful playoff run of the '86 Mets. Don't even get me started...

It wasn't until I saw the 2009 "Cards That Never Were" post from my friend Steve at White Sox Cards did I even realize that Foster ended his career in Chicago.

Since that time, I have been on the prowl for a decent image of George sporting the White Sox colors. Sadly, other than the image that Steve used in his card I have not found anything. Two years later, I have basically lost hope and decided to take things into my own hands... and transform by hand (and the magic of photoshop) a George Foster on the Mets image into a Sox uniform.


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Wow, man. That is awesome.

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