Friday, April 13, 2012

Pete Broberg meets... Dick Allen

Thanks to reader JFK19142 for bringing up this:

Somewhere you have to find and post the Dick Allen / Pete Broberg at bat as told by Toby Harrah

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I found this 2009 Baseball Prospectus interview with Toby Harrah:

What I remember about Pete Broberg is that we were playing a game at Comiskey Park, and Richie Allen was hitting. Broberg was wild a lot inside, and he threw a ball that looked like it was going to hit Richie Allen in the head. At the time, I think he liked to be called Dick. It was, "Don't call me Richie, call me Dick." But anyway, it looked that ball was going to hit him right in the head, but somehow Dick Allen got out of the way of that ball. His helmet went straight up and his head went straight down, and the ball went between his helmet and his head. Dick got up, and he has his glasses on, and he didn't do anything. He acted like nothing happened, really. The next pitch Broberg threw, he hit the ball to dead center field in the upper deck like there was nothing to it. He just went around the bases and back into the dugout, and I said to myself, "There goes a man right there." It was amazing.

The story has to be from the 8th inning of the game played on September 24, 1972. It was his final HR of that 1972 MVP season and the only time in his career DA took Broberg deep.


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