Monday, January 23, 2012

DAHOF Top 100 -- #61 George Scott

Like Dick Allen, George Scott wore a batting helmet when he took his defensive position. The only difference was "Boomer" wore his helmet to protect his noggin against opposing fans and Allen had to wear his to protect his head from "hometown" fans.

At 6'2" well over 200 pounds, George Scott was an intimidating sight, all the way down to the exotic tribal necklace he wore made of (as he described it) "the second baseman's teeth". If you don't believe me, ask Denny Martinez.

He hit over 20 home runs six times in his career and was a three-time AL All-Star, including getting the start at first during his rookie season (1966). In 1975 he had his best statistical season while playing alongside Hank Aaron, he tied Reggie Jackson for the American League HR crown with a career-high 36 while leading the league in RBIs with 109.

Atypical for someone with his size, George Scott was also first class defensive 1st baseman. Armed with his glove he named "black beauty" he won an amazing eight "Gold Glove" Awards during his 14 year career. In almost 2000 career American League games, only 40 times did he get penciled in as the Designated Hitter.

My most vivid memory of Scott comes from the 1977 All Star Game played at Yankee Stadium. Playing for the Red Sox, Boomer entered the game at 1B in the seventh inning, replacing starter Rod Carew. With the American League down 7-3 in the bottom of the ninth, he blasted a two run "tater" (as he used to call home runs) deep into left-center field off of Goose Gossage to pull the AL within striking distance.


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