Saturday, December 31, 2011

DAHOF Top 100 - Pedro Martinez #75

On July 1st, 2002 I took my son and nephew to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox / Blue Jays game. It was our good fortune that Pedro Martinez was pitching for the Sox that night. If you never got to see a game when Pedro was pitching in his prime, it was electric.

Pedro went 8 innings and struck out what would prove to be his season high of 14 batters in gathering his 10th win. He was in complete control and the Red Sox crowd erupted with each vanquished Blue Jay. When Sox manager Grady Little decided to bring in Alan Embree to start the top of the ninth, the party seemed to quietly end. I don't even remember hearing "dirty water" because we left. There was no point in staying after Pedro left.

Looking back, to have the opportunity to watch a future hall of fame pitcher dominate a major league game at the peak of his career is one of the best gifts this game has ever granted me.


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