Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello Kitty

Ever wonder why you would see a big league player carrying a pink backpack? Here is a New York Times article explaining the tradition.

Basically is boils down to this:
The most junior reliever on each major league team is in charge of carrying the stash of snacks, drinks and pain medications from the clubhouse to the bullpen. For decades, an extra equipment sack or plastic shopping bag sufficed. But leave it to big leaguers to find new ways to torment their tenderfoots.
For most of the season Mike Stutes has been the low man on the bullpen totem pole, but recently he was able to hand "the bag" to Michael Schwimmer. Nothing like the site of a 6'8" relief pitcher carrying a pink backpack complete with a boa. Brad Lidge is responsible for the pink feather boa the Phils "bag carrier". He thought it would be a nice addition and purchased it when the team was in San Francisco.


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