Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad News Bears - 1977 team set

If you follow this site, it probably won't come as any surprise when I admit I am a big fan of the original Bad News Bears movie. If you have never watched it, you need to find it and watch it from start to finish. The movie is much more than Walter Matthau working with a 10 year old Tatum O'Neal (although I was 10 when it came out, and Tatum was just about the most perfect female I had ever seen). The movie is full of fun, memorable and quotable scenes, a number of time period enhanced politically incorrect situations, and a couple of great lessons for parents and kids. If you have ever been roped into coaching a little league baseball team, the movie will be even more enjoyable. For my money, it is one of the top five best baseball movies ever made.

I was watching the movie (still fun after many dozens of times) on my iPad the other day on a long flight - and I had an idea about making a set of Bad News Bears baseball cards. I decided to use the 1977 Topps template, because the movie was made in 1976. I also searched to see if anyone had already done this, I discovered a couple of Kelly Leak and Amanda Whurlizer cards, but no one (that I could find) made the entire Bears team.

1976 NORTH VALLEY LITTLE LEAGUE BEARS (in jersey number order)


Fleerfan said...

I think I need to print these out and add them to my 1977 set. Fantastic job! Love the All Star cards and the team checklist.

I just showed the movie to my 12 & 10 year old boys last month for the first time, and they loved it.

Reivax said...

Those are absolutely terrific. You did a great job and the '77 design works perfect.

Savage Lizard said...


ricochetrob said...

Absolutely awesome!!! So much better than what Panini just made (not to pick on Panini, at least they made some.)
These are stellar! Thank you!!

havingfun1968 said...

Can I buy a set from you?

Jim Robinson said...

Man, this brings back some great memories! I turned 14 in the summer of 1976, & actually played on a very similar hard-luck team (Mets). Great set--there is even a misspelling on Ogilvie's name, which will surely make his card increase in value over the years! Thanks for taking the time to do this--much appreciated!

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