Monday, July 18, 2011

New Uniform Template

A couple of months ago, inspired by the great work done on Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Community,  I decided to do something new, and began developing a new baseball action uniform template.

The idea was to take one of my own baseball images and create a photoshop layered template to display different uniforms. The image I selected was taken by me (working as a credentialed photographer) at the 2010 College World Series.

My first couple of attempts at the template were a little rough. Looking back at those versions is a little embarrassing for me now, but throughout the process I got some great feedback, learned a lot and gained more confidence with photoshop. After a couple of weeks away from it, I picked it back up and recently shared my progress with the folks on the CCLSC board.

In the latest version, addition to cleaning up the soft and rough edges, I added pinstripes. Here is the 1972 Chicago White Sox uniform:
In addition to pinstripes, also decided to take on the rainbow stripes of the 1970's Houston Astros:
And finally, putting it all together into a uniform concept template - I decided to recreate one of my favorite baseball movies of all time... The Bad News Bears.

If anyone is interested in getting the photoshop files (.PSD format) to make your own baseball uniform concepts, let me know. I will make it available.


dannyduke said...

I am very interested in your temp...
Can you email it to me

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