Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Backs

A couple of weeks ago UNIWATCH posted an interview with Ryan Simmelink. Ryan runs a very cool baseball wallpaper website called Baseball Backs. The concept is simple, produce realistic wallpaper images featuring the correct colors, fonts, and jersey design for a given player with jersey number and (if applicable) name. Obviously, he has been doing this for some time, because he has created quite a collection featuring every team and a bunch of players, including some defunct team designs and fictional players featured in baseball movies. The best part is Ryan has made his creations openly available for download in a variety of resolutions for anyone that is interested. If you have not seen -- I recommend you check it out.

I found some really great ones, including a 2009 Opening Day Chase Utley design, a groovy 1975 Astros Rainbow Cesar Cedeno design, and a terrifyingly awesome 1979 Pinstriped Pirates Dave Parker design.

Much to my dismay, until yesterday, there were no designs on any team featuring Richard Anthony Allen. I am sure this was just a simple over-site or maybe a generational gap issue. Which gets me to the second best thing about Baseball Backs... Ryan actually takes requests. He was very nice when I asked him to add a couple of Dick Allen designs. Now you can grab a 1964 Phillies Rookie of the Year design, a 1976 Phillies Prodigal Son Returns design, and a 1977 Oakland Wampum design.

Thanks Ryan. Good luck and continued success!


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