Sunday, May 15, 2011

Uniform Redux: Atlanta Crackers

The Phillies / Braves games this weekend has been a throwback uniform extravaganza. On Saturday the both teams wore uniforms honoring the Negro Leagues, the Braves wore old Atlanta Black Crackers uniforms and the Phillies wore old Philadelphia Stars uniforms. As I post this on Sunday afternoon, both teams are wearing throwbacks from the 1974 season, and they look great. I keep waiting for Hank Aaron to walk up to the plate for the Braves to face Steve Carlton.

Watching these games has inspired me to start an all new project. Using and combining the fantastic templates created by JayJaxon and shared on DeviantArt -- I want to create updated uniform designs for many of the well known Negro League teams of the past. From the 1880s to 1950 literally hundreds of all-black, professional baseball teams played throughout the United States. My plan is to chose ten or so of the more popular franchises and put a modern twist to them. The first team I decided to do was the Atlanta Crackers.

Ideas or suggestions ? They will all be considered and greatly appreciated.


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