Friday, May 6, 2011

July 1971: Colorize This!

One of my favorite features when I read the UNIWATCH blog is Phil's recurring "Colorize This!" posts. I am often inspired by the wonderful work people send over to him. This afternoon I found a nice clear 1971 Dodgers photo of DA and decided to take out my crayons (aka photoshop) and have at it.

Doing some research, the Chicago Cubs made the trip out to Los Angeles twice during the 1971 season. They played a two game series in early April and a four game series in early July. At no time during the first (April) series were the Cubs ever leading a game by the score of 4-1, so this picture had to have been taken during the July games.

On July 7th the Dodgers played the Cubs in a double header, and Dick Allen played third in both games. During the first game he came to the plate in the 6th inning (and struck out) with the Dodgers behind 4-1. The photo has to be from that at bat, because Allen never came to bat against the Cubs at Dodger Stadium with a 4-1 score any other time during that 1971 season.


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