Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yet another eBay get

Subscribing to the notion that you can never have enough original slides of your favorite ballplayer, here is my latest eBay win.

The slide says "May77" but I think this image was made on either April 30th or May 1st of 1977. Oakland was in Boston and played day games on both of those days. He had two RBIs in the April 30th game off of Luis Tiant, so let's just say that was the one.

As a kid, despite what my father and little league coaches told me, I tried very hard to incorporate that hands back/bat head forward/whip hitch into my swing. The only thing it got me was a lot of strikeouts.

If you want a print of this image (or any other DA image I own the negative/slide) -- you can get it here.


Deron R. Pope said...

It's a shame he's not in the Hall!

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