Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wallpaper: 1981 Phillies - YES WE CAN

I discovered this image a couple of weeks ago in a book my daughter gave me. It just beings back so many vivid memories and shows so much joy, I wanted to share it. It may be one of the best baseball photos have ever seen. In preparation for the new baseball season, I currently have it as my desktop background.

The was taken on October 10th, 1981. George Vuckovich has just smacked a pinch hit walk-off HR against Jeff Reardon to beat the Expos in Game 4 of the strike seson created National League East Divisional Series.

Sadly, the Phillies would be shut out in Game #5 by Steve Rogers and the Expos the next day, eliminating them from repeating as World Champs.


Jim said...

Great picture, and a Luis Aguayo cameo to boot!

DAHOF said...

How can you be sure that is not Manny Trillo?

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