Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update galley

I have updated the MISC STUFF gallery today.

This is a collection of magazine covers and other random odds and ends from Dick Allen's career. There are some real gems in here, including a copy of the Topps Baseball card contract Dick Allen signed after the 1974 season. As always, if you have anything to share, please send it my way.



Anonymous said...

Re the Sporting News cover from July 2, 1966 , Allen went off for a ridiculous week in Philadelphia in 100 degree weather....I'm a little too lazy to check game logs, but if you check the last week of June 1966 - early July 1966 you won't be disappointed. Retrosheet and the BR will have game logs for this period. What a TALENT !!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, on Saturday July 3, 1966, Allen hit an inside-the-park homer (one of three he hit that season) at Connie Mack Stadium against the Cubs in 103 degree heat. For the period July 1-8, Allen hit five homers and drove in 11 runs. On July 8 he had raised his averagee to .324 (it was at .297 on July 1). I submit that Allen's 1966 season was actually better than his MVP year of 1972.

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