Wednesday, February 23, 2011

iPad app - Pennant

HT to deal at Phungo for his post and alerting me to the availability of this app. A couple hours later I was reading the new Sports Illustrated, and there was an article about it.

I love my iPad. I use it for many things, and today that list just got bigger. There is a new iPad app available that basically provides a visual/interactive history of baseball. These guys have taken the data from retrosheet and display it in a fun and easy manner. You can look at any post-1950 season: any team, any game. Here is a link from the app creator. There is a video which will give you a good idea.

What is Pennant?
Pennant is an interactive history of baseball like none other seen before. Using Pennant's rich interface fans can browse and view data from over 115,000 games that have taken place from 1950 to 2010. Seasons, games and events are graphically represented in a clear, easy to interpret manner that takes them beyond the numbers.

The screen-shot I have included is Dick Allen's first career home run from April 1964.


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