Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Game used helmet auction

I found an interesting item listed on an online auction site today, it looks to be a game-used Dick Allen Phillies helmet from his first stint in Philadelphia. If you look at the details of the helmet, you can see it has been repainted a couple of times, including a rough "P" logo redux.

Here is the link for the helmet auction. Bidding has ended. It started at $200 and ended at $2,789.90. I doubt I would have wanted to spend that much, but this is a very cool piece of DA memorabilia.


Nate Larson said...

'A cool piece of DA memorabilia' is I suppose a polite way of putting it. This is a unique historical artifact, not only for its baseball significance, but in the history of race relations in America in the turbulant 1960's. Whatever it sold for, I'm sure it was bargain. As I'm sure you'll agree, it really belong at Cooperstown. Thanks SOOO much, man! Nate Larson

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