Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eBay watch: 1972 Dick Allen game used jersey

I have not been looking for Dick Allen related items as often as I normally do, but this morning I happened to notice this gem on eBay. I have not idea if it authentic, but judging by the photos it appears to be legit. Unlike the typical (and un-authentic) red pin striped white sox jerseys that some eBay users have been trying to sell.

This is a really rare find and although I am not planning on bidding - expect the bidding to go very high. If you are the winning bidder on this, go ahead and drop me an email, I would love to hear how you are going to display this treasure.


Nate said...

It was something like three years ago that a Dick Allen game bat was auctioned on ebay (does anyone remember?). I don't know how it had been authenticated, but it weighed 40 1/2 oz., and your not going to find very many bats of that size just lying around. It was claimed to have been used by Allen while he was with the White Sox. I can't remember with certainty, but I believe it sold for $1,500.00, which seems like a real steal to me. It was around that same time that Sotheby's auctioned a 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson (Allen's only rival as a White Sox Great) bat for an even one million dollars. But to me, Allen's bat would be just as desirable.

Unknown said...

I have had for many years Dick Allen's uniform from the 1973 season. Thought I might look into the value. I have his blue road uniform pants and the socks, as well as sunglasses and batting glove. I have Carlos may's jersey and the red under item, and number 46 red jacket.

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