Monday, May 31, 2010

Dick Allen Baseball Card Project: 1976

This is the last of the Dick Allen official Topps cards. As I have said before in the past, this image presents an undignified end to a fantastic career.

1976 was a great year for the Phillies. The Bicentennial created a lot of excitement throughout the country and much of the attention was on the city of Philadelphia. They hosted the All Star game in July, drew almost 2.5 million people into the ballpark and delivered the franchises first playoff team since the 1950 Whiz Kids.

Dick Allen started just over half (83) of the games at first and delivered 15 HRs and 49 RBIs. These numbers are far below his career average of 33 HRs and 104 RBIs. The most important part of the year was the team won the NL East and got to play in the post season.

In honor of this great Phillies team, I decided to show DA celebrating scoring a run with one of his 1976 teammates, Garry Maddox.


Johngy said...

I was waiting for this one and you did not disappoint.

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