Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dick Allen Baseball Card Project: 1974

The original 1974 Topps Dick Allen card holds a special place in my heart.

I was a young 8 year old boy when I first opened a baseball card wax pack with this card in it. Earlier that summer my Dad had taken me on the 100 mile drive to Comiskey Park to see his favorite team play. This same guy, the only one on the field with a shiny helmet, had hit a long HR that made the scoreboard explode with fireworks. 1974 was also the first year of the show "Happy Days" - and in my eyes, Dick Allen was baseball's version of the Fonz.

There is no reason to fix this card. It is perfect the way it is. But, I already used that bullet with the 1966 card, so instead I decided to turn the redux card into rare horizontal card. The game action image was taken during the 1974 All Star game in Pittsburgh. Johnny Bench is the NL catcher. In the AL dugout you can see uniforms (moving right to left) from the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, Oakland A's, and KC Royals.


Joe Figliola said...


Your "new" 1974 Dick Allen card is great. However, you forgot to include his position. On 1974 Topps landscape (aka "horizontal") action cards, the position was included to the right of his name.

I think, with cooperation of Topps, you should print up and sell your alternate versions of the Allen cards. They're great, and I'd definitely buy one.

Good luck with the campaign. Dick Allen was a great player who I wished would have stayed longer as a White Sox (my favorite AL team).


Andy said...


Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I have fixed the redux card.

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