Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dick Allen Baseball Card Project: 1965

There really isn't anything wrong with the original 1965 card. I love this pennant design and have used it for other custom photoshop projects recently. As a rule, I don't care for baseball card pictures obviously taken during spring training, In this photo you can see Clearwater's old Jack Russell Stadium in the background. I got to attend a couple of games there before the Phillies moved to their current spring training stadium.

The redesigned version has DA standing on deck at Connie Mack Stadium. Classic early career DA, complete with black rimmed glasses and no batting gloves. Although they are blurred out, I can't help but appreciate the dress code for the 1965 baseball fan. You can clearly see one man in a jacket and tie and there is not a single t-shirt or baseball hat in the group. Wow how things have changed.


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