Friday, January 29, 2010

ebay watch: Sox 35mm slide

As I have stated before, I am always on the look out for new Dick Allen images.

Last week there was a bunch of beautiful, previously unknown Dick Allen color slides up for auction on eBay. Unfortunately, despite bidding on a couple of them, I did not win any of them. The image to the right went for over $200, which is a clear testament to how popular Dick Allen is, even 30+ years after he retired from baseball.

If you are the person that won this slide, please send me an email. I would like very much to buy an 8x10 (or larger print) of this image. I promise I won't copy and/or sell it. I just want it for my collection. I am also willing to work a trade with any of the images I currently own.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

You notice tha DA is holding the bat from the left side. Although I have never seen him do it I rember reading that in practice allen kill the ball batting left handed and if he would have seriously pursued it he could have been good switchhitter.

Anonymous said...

Still don't know why the Cardinals traded this guy. Awesome player.

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