Friday, December 11, 2009


Out of the blue yesterday I got an email from someone at MLB Network regarding this site. Apparently Dick Allen is going to be on a future "Studio 42" show with Bob Costas. The folks from the MLB Network were looking for some original Dick Allen images.

This was later confirmed by one of our regular readers. According to "Frog" the show is set to air on December 15th at 8PM. Set your DVRs.

They came to the right spot. I quickly put together a web gallery of all the DA slides and negatives I have purchased over the last few years. I own the original images and copyrights to these images. Hopefully they can use one (or more) these images to make the show more enjoyable.

Also, I hope with this increased exposure Dick Allen is able to gather more support for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


mark carfagno said...

Let's hope that this show will get the ball rolling for Mr. Allen. It's great that MLB TV contacted Andy and the fact that they are aware of the site is a bonus. Let's hope the Verteran's Committee is on board. Frog, Phila.

Johngy said...


Ken Fisher said...

Loved the show. I am one of those guys that's 50 or 52 and loved him in the 60's. Fond memories of Richie Ashburn and radio.

"It's over the roof!"

But I'll never forget one game I saw live. Booed terribly bottom of the first when he came to bat. Slammed a line drive that probably didn't go any higher than 20 feet above the ground. Bammn!! It hit the wall behind the batting cage in center in a heartbeat. What sheer strength! Allen circled the bases amongst more boos. I looked at my Dad, we both shook our heads.

Thanks Richie!!

Vernam Cipher said...

The Costas interview was long-overdue recognition for, IMO, the greatest player who isn't in the Hall of Fame. Being from Chicago, I was disappointed that they glossed over probably his greatest season, 1972. But it was just a thrill to see the man finally get his due. Costas clearly understands Allen's place in the history of the game. As he pointed out, a lot of people like to pretend that MLB's race problem ended with Jackie Robinson, but players of Allen's era also paid some serious dues to follow in Jackie's footsteps. Allen's experiences in the Phillies organization (especially at Little Rock) help explain his guarded nature and reticence about explaining his actions. It sure was good to see him sit down for this interview.

Mark Carfagno said...

Well said Vernam. You nailed just about everything. How about those predicted Home Run Shots. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I was reared in North Little Rock,Arkansas and worked in Little Rock during the time he played for the Arkansas Travelers. He endured what most people read about. He was the victor and has earned his place in the National Hall of Fame. Judge him for his atheletic abilities. He is our "Rebel With A Cause." Lou

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