Friday, August 14, 2009

New photo

I wanted to share my latest original Dick Allen acquisition. I am constantly on the lookout for original DA slides and photo negatives.

I recently purchased the original photo negative of this unique image. It was listed on eBay, and the bidding ended before I had a chance to make a bid.

Lucky for me - no one else bid either.

It looks like this picture was taken during the 1969 season (based on the long side burns). It was not taken in Philadelphia, because he has the away greys on. However, I have no idea which stadium the picture was taken


Ken Fisher said...

I've always been an Allen fan since the late 60's. I hope he gets to Cooperstown one day. I'll never forget when he came back to Philly May 14, 1975..I was there. From the tough crowds of previous Phillie years he was given a loud standing ovation in his first at bat which he promptly singled up the middle.

Curious. What was Allen doing before that game? Traded by the Chisox to Atlanta in Dec of '74 but did not play in '75 with Atlanta?

First game back in Philly

Andy said...

Hi Ken. This is a great question. The answer provides one of the primary reasons DA in not in the HOF. This is based on what I have read in both newspapers and DA's book "Crash":

Towards the end of the 1974 season, despite his great numbers, baseball was no longer fun for Dick Allen. He was leading the AL in HRs, but the team was in fourth place (but only 3 games) behind the World Champion Oakland A's. He was sick of Ron Santo and his nagging injuries and he "retired" in mid-September. He was crucified in the media for "walking out" on his team in the middle of the pennant race. I believe that this is the single most important reason for DA not getting into the Hall of Fame. And I have to admit, as a fan, it is a pretty big deal.

I also believe that despite his strength and power, DA was suffering from depression based on the trauma he endured during his early years in professional baseball. If this situation were to happen in the current era, the club would have provided some counseling and he likely would have had access to anti-depressant drugs. The baseball world is a different place these days.

After he "retired" he went to raise horses on his farm. When the season ended, the Sox traded his rights to the Atlanta Braves. DA refused to un-retire to play for a southern team based on his horrific experience in Little Rock in 1963. I don't blame him for that.

By mid-May of 1975 the Phillies had worked a deal with the Braves for his rights. Mike Schmidt and other current Phils convinced him to come back to baseball. The game you mention (5/14/75) marked his return to baseball and Philadelphia.

Rich D said...

This picture was taken in Dodger Stadium either in June or August 1969.

Anonymous said...

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Ken Fisher said...

I wish I had that Dick Allen bat I got at bat day in the late 60's.

Thanks for the info Andy!

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